Planning your Story

Selecting Photographs

Selecting Photographs

Selecting the photos to appear in your presentation can be the fun part…..but also the most time consuming.  Before you begin flipping through old photos and getting caught up in memories, here are some guidelines for working with photos for a memorable presentation. Be clear on the type of presentation you want to create as […]

Milestone checklist

Life Events Presentation Checklist

Digital photostories are often designed to celebrate milestone life events – births, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions. This checklist has been prepared to help you consider all the information that you might like to include when planning a life event presentation.  Work through the checklist and consider whether you would like to include that information in your production […]

Planning your Story

Planning Your Story

A good story-teller needs good material to work with….and investing some time in planning your story before handing over a box of photographs will be well worth the effort. When planning your story for DVD you should consider the story you want to tell and the audience you will be speaking to as well as the […]

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