Video camera and VHS tapes last for about 10 years

Act now to save your home movies

  • Multiple formats

    Multiple formats

    Convert to DVD or media files you can store on your PC

  • Custom Editing

    Custom Editing

    Once it's converted, we can edit footage to your directions

  • Timely & Reliable service

    Timely & Reliable service

    For local clients, we can turn your job around within a few days

Convert video to DVD
First, you might notice a steady hissing sound when you watch your video. Then, the image is distorted across the bottom on the TV screen. Before you know it, your home movie of baby’s first steps is nothing but shadows in a sea of static.

Sure, DVD won’t last forever either, but converting video to digital format – either on DVD or USB storage device –  can help preserve your memories for the next generation.

Story Weavers can help you convert your home movies to DVD. We work with a variety of video formats and will do what we can to save tapes that have been broken or damaged.

And when the 21st Birthday party comes around, talk to us about putting your converted video together with photos and favourite music soundtrack for a presentation that will keep your guests laughing and your kid’s face glowing red.