Wedding videos without the expense

Wedding ‘videos’, without the expense

We are one of the few businesses where making a client cry is the most rewarding compliments we can get.

I often wonder which production requires the greater planning – a music concert or a wedding. Both have similar elements – rehearsals, venues, music, dress, supporting players, props, order of performance. They both involve a heck of a lot of planning and varying amounts of financial input.

I love watching the DVD of a fantastic concert performance – it’s the next best thing to actually being there. But when it comes to weddings….not everyone can afford the luxury of a videographer to help recreate their special day on screen.  Although a wedding video is a wonderful memento of the day, unless you have multiple camera angles, great lighting, good sound and excellent post-production, the footage can be a bit uninspiring to watch.

With the advent of digital images, wedding photographic styles have changed over the years, the standard photo set (bride arriving, ceremony, signing the register, cutting the cake, first dance etc) has evolved, and photographers have become more creative. Digital cameras give the photographer a lot of freedom to be experimental and imaginative with their work. Add zoom lenses and a secondary ‘background’ photographer and a great visual record, of what the day is really about, is assured.

We recently produced a presentation for a client who had some wonderful images – bride preparation shots, clothes on hangers, champagne glasses, makeup case, releasing of butterflies, multi-shot ‘action’ images, ‘photobooth fun’ etc. They wanted a ‘video’ of the day that they could share with their friends and family. They chose the images and music, we wove their story.

With music, special visual effects and transitions photos can come alive and be used to tell a great story of your day.  So when the full video treatment is beyond your budget, why not take it that one step further and use your photos to tell the full story.

Oh….. and we were happy to hear that the happy couple and their families shared a tear or two when reliving the big day on screen.

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