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Shot in the foot?

Shot in the foot? Or a bit on the side?

Learn how to avoid these basic filming errors in your home movies We are so spoiled with the technology available to us now. Our mobile phones have greater computing power than the Apollo moon rocket, and are capable of taking crystal clear, high resolution photos and videos that capture every detail. Video image technology has evolved through film, […]

Listen to the lyrics

Listen to the Lyrics

I love my music! It’s very rare a day goes by without music. Our house has speakers in just about every room (yes, even the bathroom) and the first thing to need replacing in my car is the CD player. It’s no surprise then that when we first had the idea for a business that would […]

Wedding videos without the expense

Wedding ‘videos’, without the expense

We are one of the few businesses where making a client cry is the most rewarding compliments we can get. I often wonder which production requires the greater planning – a music concert or a wedding. Both have similar elements – rehearsals, venues, music, dress, supporting players, props, order of performance. They both involve a […]

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