Presentation Production

Weaving pictures and sound together into a digital story is what Story Weavers is all about.

We aim to help you shed light on those photographs buried for years in photo albums and dust off the home videos stacked in a box in the garage and craft them into a unique Digital Photo Album or moving tribute to play for guests at a special occasion.

Consider weaving a photo story as a tribute to the guest of honour as an alternative to speeches at a milestone birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, or retirement celebration. Readily accessible and enjoyable to watch, a Story Weavers presentation can also be a great way to share the news of baby’s arrival, a personal and touching gift, or simply an easy way to preserve and share your family heritage.

We offer two DVD story packages:

  • A Featurette Presentation is a good option for achieving high impact in a short amount of time. A Featurette can contain up to 60 images set to a single song. It provides simple image transitions only and basic pan and zoom effects.

  • Main Feature Presentations are custom designed to your requirements and provide the opportunity to introduce video as well as static images.

We employ a range of tools and techniques including image backgrounds and frames, animations, titling, special effects and complex image transitions to achieve a polished result that incorporates your own chosen theme and personal tastes.

To create a photo story you provide:

  • A selection of photographs, video, film, or memorabilia to be included in your digital story.
  • Your music choices.
  • Information on the purpose of the story creation – for example to play at a 21st Birthday party.
  • A theme for the presentation if required – for example hobbies or sporting interests for the birthday boy or girl (Main Feature only).

We then work within your requirements to produce your digital photo story, which may include:

  • Scanning and/or enhancing your photographs
  • Editing video footage
  • Selecting suitable photo frames or backgrounds, including animation where appropriate
  • Titling, captions and credits where appropriate
  • Story construction including sequencing, photo transitions and special effects
  • Customising the soundtrack
  • Compiling the digital output, such as an executable file on USB or standard DVD
  • Designing disc and cover art.

Pricing is based on the number of photos to be included in the presentation and starts at $99.95 for 60 images (approximately 4 minutes viewing time) in a Featurette Presentation.

Got Questions?

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