Film, Video & Audio Conversion

Preserve and protect all your old home movies in a more accessible and durable digital format.

Hands up if you still have a video recorder...

Although the turntable needed to spin vinyl LPs might be making something of a comeback among music fans, in this modern world of streaming services many people no longer have a DVD player, let alone the equipment to access VHS, cassette or film recordings.

Which means that Grandad's film as he stepped off the boat into Australia, the video of Mum & Dad's wedding and that demo tape the old band put together remains trapped on media that no one can access that is slowly breaking down as time marches on.

Converting film, video and audio recordings to digital format can extend its life and help you rediscover family memories without needing any special equipment.

Story Weavers can convert:

  • VHS & Beta tapes
  • Super/Standard 8 Film
  • Video camera tapes - Video8, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital 8, MiniDV
  • Audio recordings - vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel

All digital files can be supplied on either USB or CD/DVD   media. All format conversions are charged according to the number of items to be converted, plus storage media.

Got Questions?

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