What We Do

Rediscover, share and enjoy family memories by digitising your old photos, film and video.

Story Weavers breathe new life into your life stories. Using high-quality capture and production processes, Story Weavers can digitise your content from photos, slides, and negatives as well as Super8/Standard8 film reels, VHS, Beta tapes and most video camera tape formats so that you can rediscover family memories without needing any special equipment.

And when it's time to celebrate a special occasion, we can help you weave photos, video and music together into a memorable (and often tear-jerking!) audio-visual presentation.

Our services include:-

  • Photo Story Presentation
    Creation Planning & design of your DVD to achieve the perfect result for your gift or special occasion.

  • Video / Film / Audio Conversion
    Digitise content from VHS, Beta, Super8/Standard8 film, vinyl and most handheld video camera tapes.

  • Video Editing
    Got hours of jerky, repetitive home movie footage on video? Story Weavers can help you edit it down to the highlights.

  • Image Scanning
    High-resolution scanning of images from photographs, slides or negatives.

  • Image Restoration
    Digital repair of old and damaged photographs and enhancement of images.

Got Questions?

We're always up for a chat! If there's anything you would like to know before getting started, please reach out.