Video Editing

Cut to the highlights by editing hours of home movie recordings down into crafted clips.

If the home video camera has been present at your parties, family gatherings and special occasions over recent years, it’s quite likely that it has captured the classic moments of your life in glorious moving colour and sound….strung together with hours of jagged shots of your shoes, blurry long-winded speeches and wildly unsteady close-up shots.

We can help you cut to the highlights and edit your hours of recordings down into crafted film clips that are easy and entertaining to watch. Film clips can also be woven together with photographs, digital imagery, animation or audio effects for a dynamic digital story presentation for your family, business or online channel.

Video editing is charged at an hourly rate. The amount of time spent on your project will be influenced by the volume of raw footage to be edited and any specific requirements you may have. We will discuss your project in detail and provide you with a written quotation before commencing work.

Got Questions?

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