Milestone checklist

Life Events Presentation Checklist

Digital photostories are often designed to celebrate milestone life events – births, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions.

This checklist has been prepared to help you consider all the information that you might like to include when planning a life event presentation.  Work through the checklist and consider whether you would like to include that information in your production – be it in pictures, captions, or soundtrack.

Birth/Babies and Children

  • Name and any significance/history to name
  • Date, time and location of birth
  • Name of parents and any siblings
  • Press clippings of birth announcement
  • Doctors/Midwife carers present
  • Family/friends present
  • Baby’s stats (weight, length, head circumference)
  • Milestones reached
  • Nicknames, habits, likes and dislikes
  • Special qualities

Milestone Birthday

  • Date and location of birth, marriages
  • Childhood milestones, hobbies, interests
  • Significant friends
  • Nicknames, habits, likes and dislikes
  • Special qualities
  • Timeline of major events
  • Personal and professional achievements
  • Reflections from family, friends


  • Name of school / institution
  • Date and location of graduation
  • Achievements of the individual/graduating class


  • Date, time and location of wedding
  • Names of all bridal party members and relationship to bride and groom
  • Name of officiant
  • Readings delivered during the ceremony (such as poems or scriptures)
  • Names and relationship of readers
  • Music played during the ceremony – Bridal processional, background during the
    signing of the register, any solo or feature performance, Recessional
  • Names and relationship of ushers, speech makers and MC
  • Title and artist of the song chosen for the “Bridal Waltz”
  • Details of any colour scheme and/or theme for the event (eg: Medieval Banquet) and
    its significance
  • Press clippings of Wedding Notice


  • Itinerary, including dates and the local season of places visited
  • Particular tours/visits/events
  • Impressions and comments


  • Date and location of birth, marriages, death
  • Family tree (children, grandchildren etc)
  • Significant friends
  • Other significant family
  • Timeline of major events
  • Achievements
  • Reflections from family, friends

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