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Listen to the lyrics

I love my music!

It’s very rare a day goes by without music. Our house has speakers in just about every room (yes, even the bathroom) and the first thing to need replacing in my car is the CD player.

It’s no surprise then that when we first had the idea for a business that would tell stories with digital photo productions that the inspiration for the name should come from a song. In this case, a song by British ‘progressive rock’ band Family, The Weaver’s Answer (OK, so I show my age with this one just a bit!). Here are the opening lines:

Weaver of life, let me look and see
The pattern of my life gone by,
Shown on your tapestry.

It really sums up what we wanted Story Weavers to be about – bringing together the images that capture the memories, milestones and emotions for our clients, and weaving them together to tell their story.

Music isn’t just one of my passions. It’s also a really important element of each DVD photo story production. Music has the power to evoke memories of a time or place, and signals how we want our audience to feel when watching a presentation.

Just as important as finding the right tempo and style of music for a photo production, is finding a song with the right lyrics.

Lyrics can be difficult to understand in some pieces of music…I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever wondered why Jimi Hendrix wanted to kiss that guy, and an old friend of mine was convinced that Steve Miller was singing “Please don’t tear that lino” rather than “Big old jet airliner“.

Even when you do know all the words, we can all interpret the meaning of a song in different ways. Powderfinger’s classic My Happiness for example is often a favourite for weddings….but the lyrics are more about separation and loneliness.  Looking beyond the well known chorus to find what the song is about as a whole can be particularly challenging when choosing songs for a memorial or presentation to be used at a funeral service, as I have experienced first hand.

Thanks to good old Google though, finding the lyrics to our favourite songs is pretty easy these days. Here’s a site we’ve found pretty useful:

  • Song Lyrics
    Search for music by scattered words or exact phrases in lyrics.  Also includes a general title/artist/album search.

If you’re starting to think about what music to use for a special photo story production, check out our song suggestions for different occasions to get you thinking:

Time to turn up the tunes and get back into it! Care to join me? Here’s the full clip for Family’s The Weaver’s Answer. Enjoy!